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Brenda is a specialist in natural wellness programs for children, teens and adults, has been featured on TV and podcasts, including Jonathan Bailor's Smarter Science of Slim podcasts, and has articles published in Canadian Living, Maclean's, Family Fun.


Author of Overweight Kids in a Toothpick World, a practical manual for families dealing with childhood obesity, she has recently redefined the path to both family and adult wellness by creating both in-person and virtual In Balance Wellness Programs.


She loves discovering effective, personalized steps to increased health, and helping others along on that journey. Her decades of experience as a social worker, pastor and nutritionist allow her to uniquely and compassionately share body, mind and spirit wellness in a variety of settings . . . 


. . . including one-on-one consults; classrooms of elementary, high school and university students; courses for young immigrants; and roomfuls of conference and workshop attendees.


All of it, however--the passion for wellness, the teaching and the learning--starts at home with her excellent husband, Mark, and their amazingly wonderful five adult children and three grandchildren (who knew “nanahood” could be this good?).


Physical energy to do the things you love!


Mental clarity; get your brain back!


Be calm. Be grateful. Be connected.

What People Say.

Thoughtful, impactful, a topic of critical importance.

Ed Wilson

Corporate Client

Executive Director, IJM Canada

We have learned a whole new way of life with Brenda.  We're finally eating well and even our bodies are starting to make sense to us. We love that Brenda focuses on every aspect of wellness, from sleeping to keeping active. If it were up to us, we would keep Brenda in our lives forever - we learn new things at every session and are on our way to living a more balanced, healthy life.

Christina McGladdery

Private Wellness Coaching Client

Gives hope that the changes in behaviour can happen and I can enjoy life!

Debbie Leyte

Corporate Client

Branch Manager, HSBC

Some of Brenda's Corporate Clients

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